The story of Japan,
as never been drunk before.

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We only deal with the brewerys.

This may seem like a given, but many other sake in the market are present without the brewers endorsement, or even knowledge, due to the mass buying from Japanese distribution companies - otherwise known as parallel import. We want the money flowing to the right people.

Professional cold storage and logistics chain.

Cold, all the way. Fridges set to 4 degrees, drivers that get to you as fast as possible - and ensuring no stock sits in our facilities for longer than they should. Unless, of course, they taste better aged.

Drink like you're drinking from the brewery.

We ONLY ship with temperature controlled containers, and all our sake come from the brewery's freshest batch(excluding the aged sake of course). Our aim is to have you drinking the exact same experience you would if you were drinking straight out of the tank.

Drinking from culture with style

The Kabuki Works was birthed from a simple idea. We want to express the beauty and sublimity of the Japanese through their own alcohol — and lots and lots of it


*first 100 pre-orders receive 2 free sake cups from the award-winning 7th Generation Takayama pottery kiln, Shibukusa

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