The Kabuki Works is a dedication solely to the multi-generational treasures of Japan.

A continuously ongoing play held to portray their products in engaging, uplifting, and industry-moving lights.


One of the biggest strongholds of opposition to the great daimyos during the samurai wars were the buddhist monks, once pacifistic, but eventually forced to take up arms against the increasing suppression against their noble lifestyles.

This is the yamabushi - the mystical mountain monk warrior.


When one thinks of “female ninja”, the image of a woman dressed fully in black comes to mind.

Closer to the truth, the kunoichi of the Sengoku Era were disguised as courtesans, blade and poison hidden under their robes, ready to assassinate and spy on, or for, the myriad daimyos of the time.


The great shogunate wars usually fill one's mind with images of samurai dueling with swords in open battle field, holding the code of bushido straight and true in close-quarters combat.

The greatest battles during the civil unrest, however, were won with early European muskets, and their gunmen - the Ashigaru.


All purchases come with 2 free handmade sake cups from the award-winning 7th Generation Takayama pottery kiln, Shibukusa

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