The Kabuki Works This-Is-Not-A-Sake-Tour

Across 5 Days and 4 Nights, be transported across Japan on a trip with an objective like no other - to truly experience the country as a local, with the locals, in premium settings organised around a specific region of the country.

Along with dinners at some of the most exclusives restaurant in the region and being held at a beautiful mix of modern and traditional accomodations, you'll be brought to some of the most highly esteemed distilleries (like Chichibu's Ichiro's Malt), and the top cult breweries in the country for a brewing experience. All alcohol acquired on the trip being shipped straight back to your door back home after the trip.

Sake Sommelier Association, this adventure also comes with a verified certification and pin from the association, denoting you as an individual experienced with the culture, representing a deeper appreciation and understanding for it.

🌐 日本語