We source our sake with a vision: that being able to bring a product from a place means having to bring all the richness of story that comes with it as well. That in mind, we take specifically from 3 different prefectures, with our focus changing only every 2 years.


Aizu was the last bastion of the samurai culture against the modernisation of Japan. A deeply traditional region, the people of Aizu have developed a unique subculture of their own against the caprice of its seasons, and the wildness of its lands and rivers. Beautiful sake features heavily in this place - a historical buffer against the hardships its people experience.

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A great warlord of the samurai wars once said - "Control Gifu and you control Japan”. Gifu has seen the bloodiest battles of the war, and has fed and sated the thirst of many a daimyo during the centuries of civil war in medieval Japan. It's majestic mountains and scenery inspire still - the anime movie “Your Name” featured many of its landscapes.

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You may know Kyoto as the old capital, but Mie was where all of Japan began. The capital of Shinto is a land shrouded in mysticism and history, boasting the royal shrine, Ise Jingu, and endless forests and pristine beaches that have seen the rise and falls of the Japanese for several millennia. The best beef in the world, immaculate seafood, and soft, fruity sake dominate this prefecture.

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